Nursing Association of Nepal (NAN) is an only one professional organisation of the nurses in Nepal. It is a non-political non-sectoral organization not influenced by class and religion. It is determined to provide quality-nursing service to the people in order to protect & promote the professional rights & interests of all Nurses in the kingdom of Nepal.

NAN was established in BS 2018 Magh 15 (1962 A.D ) with the Regd. No. 8/018 and became a member of International Council of Nurses (ICN) Geneva in 1969 A.D. In initial it was registered as Trained Nurses Association of Nepal (TNAN). By the 3rd ammendment of its constitution on 2048 B.S, the name of the association is changed and the organization shall be called as "Nepal Nursing Sangh" in Nepali and "Nursing Association of Nepal" in English and abbreviated as NAN. The organization is run by executive board, which is formed by nationwide election of secret ballot every 3 years.

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