Nurse and saftey

Sujan Kunwar 24 September, 2023

Nursing practice in Nepal plays a vital role in the country's healthcare system, but it faces several challenges. Nepali nurses are essential in providing healthcare services, especially in rural and underserved areas. However, the profession encounters numerous obstacles, primarily due to resource constraints, education disparities, and cultural factors. In Nepal, there is a shortage of well-trained nurses, particularly in rural regions, leading to a strain on healthcare services. Additionally, the quality of nursing education varies across institutions, affecting the competence of nurses. Cultural norms can also hinder women's participation in the workforce, as nursing is predominantly a female-dominated profession, potentially limiting the pool of available nurses. Moreover, the lack of adequate infrastructure and resources in healthcare facilities, along with low salaries and limited opportunities for career advancement, further challenges the nursing profession in Nepal. Addressing these issues is crucial to improving healthcare access and quality in the country, ensuring that nursing practice can reach its full potential in serving the Nepali population.

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